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Diecast and Collectible Cars

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  • Disney’s Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Handcar by Lionel in 1934, two titans of innovation and imagination Joshua Lionel Cowen and Walt Disney entered a partnership that would endure for generations and change the face of the model train industry. But when Lionel and Walt Disney Productions signed their first licensing agreement, success wasn’t guaranteed. Like the rest of the country, Lionel was reeling from the financial impact of The Great Depression. The company had been forced into receivership, and the Disneys knew it had substantial debt when they agreed to let Lionel feature their beloved cartoon mouse as the hero on its new train toy. It turned out that the popularity of Disney’s Mickey Mouse and the imaginative design of the wind-up toy was just the magic Lionel needed to save it from bankruptcy. Lionel’s original “No. 1100 Mickey Mouse Handcar” sold more than 250 thousand pieces during the holiday season of 1934. The toy’s unbelievable success not only allowed Lionel to pay off its creditors, but by the end of the year, the company was on the fast track to cornering the model train market. A new era in the hobby had been born. Now Lionel reaches back into its archive to offer collectors a special Disney100 edition of the ground-breaking 1934 handcar. Just like the original, this new edition will operate using a wind-up mechanism and include a circle of two-rail track. The handcar will be made of stamped metal with resin Disney’s Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse figurines and cast metal wheels the same as the original 1930s toy. FEATURES: All-metal handcar construction Metal key for winding the clockwork motor Locking lever to hold the clockwork motor still 2 hand-painted character figures Dinging bell 8 pieces of 027 2-Rail Tubular Track PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Gauge: O Gauge Min Curve: O27 Dimensions: Length: 8″

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