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Large Oak Wood Hand-Painted 24″ Aggravation Board Game, Double-Sided

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Sit down with the family and enjoy a classic game of Aggravation. The 24″ Aggravation board is made out of solid Oak wood by the Mennonite folks at Wengerd Wood in Holmes County, Ohio. The board is then meticulously hand painted by the folks at Wengerd Wood. The result is a beautiful Aggravation Game Board meant to last generations of play.It is double sided so you can play with up to 6 players on the one sideand with up to 4 players on the other side. To play, move your marbleplayers around the board according to the roll of your dice and try toposition your marbles in the home positions before your opponents do.You can send your opponent’s players back by landing on a location thatthey occupy, thus making them “aggravated”.The dimensions of the aggravation board are 24″W (measured across the points) x 21″L x 0.75″H.The Oak Aggravation Game Board, Twenty-Four 22mm Marbles in a Drawstring Carry Pouch, Instructions for Play, and Dice are included. Note: Sometimes the shades of paint are slightly different than pictured.


Quality Crafted by Mennonite Craftsmen in Holmes County, Ohio.Solid Red Oak Hardwood 24″ Wide Hexagon Board.Double Sided – Plays up to 4 players on one side and up to 6 on the other.Complete with Game Board, Marbles, Dice, and Instructions.Beautifully Hand Painted by Kyle at Wengerd Wood.


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